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UX Consulting & Design

During the past 2 decades, we have designed the brands and the user experience of hundreds of digital products, being mobile, Web and even desktop, for a variety of industries, from high tech, to financial, banking, insurance, real estate, medical, telecom, gaming, advertising and even military, and what they all shared is our passion to always deliver outstanding experiences, pushing the technological boundaries, in order to create memorable and unique experiences for each of our customers, helping them to succeed.

Some of the UX design methodologies we have used include product conceptualization, personas exploration, feature mapping & affinity diagrams, devices and users points-of-contact mapping, user scenarios, product experience layouts, product releases strategy planning, user testing via various methods, visual integration of the product with external technologies and 3rd party modules, unbundling sub-products, and more.

We now offer UX design services only to a select clientele, where we personally consult them (and not offer the service of a fresh-out-of-design-school graduate), because we believe that outstanding products demand a unique product DNA and insights that only a guru can offer, and not the result of just copying look and feel from other products. We learned over the years that this difference could 'make or break' a company’s success, and we focus our service to excel on this specific goal.

Not all of our clients start from scratch, and sometimes have a running product that was hastily designed and developed, with problems and issues that were not dealt with properly by their former UX team. We fix the work done by our predecessors, and create a streamlined experience that reaches the business goals that our customer needs.

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 Our Additional Consulting Services: 

The ‘2Cents’ Business Review

A unique consulting service, which is focused on examining the business model in relation to the product, the target audience and the market, to help you sync them all up. This consulting service usually spreads over 2 to 3 sessions, between us and your management team. During each session, you share with us your knowledge and insights of your target market, your target audience and your business model. During the sessions we conduct a dialog with you, raising problematic issues (or issues that need further clarification and focusing), and offer different approaches and solutions to problems you raise (and during this dialog, we give our '2 cents' opinion).

Our experience taught us that the best ideas, and the best clarity, are usually obtained during a dialog, involving an outside factor. This dialog might bear some criticism, but should be always constructive, creative, and especially fearless. This is why we focused our service to a limited number of sessions, during which you can benefit the most out of our knowledge and experience, while keeping us ‘out of the system’, and the way of thinking that needs to be challenged. It is very important to emphasis that this service is similar to brain-storming, in which we harness our knowledge and experience at your service, but because of its unique structure and length, it cannot replace any other long-term business consulting needs that you might have.

Product Review

The Product Review service helps companies review their digital product, and align it with their business strategy and marketing model. We compare the product (existing, or in development) to the competition out there, and evaluate its features to the competitors' offerings.
We evaluate the effectiveness of the product's total user-experience, map its stronger and weaker points, note the missing gaps, and suggest ways to fix or improve the weaker aspects.
During this process, we go into the depth of the product, analyze the main user scenarios, check if they enable the business model (or obstruct it), and suggest ways to rectify that.
Based on our extensive experience in developing many similar products, we compare different technological approaches to the current course of the product/features’ development, and their 'cost' to the budget and deadlines, as well as their impact on the product's overall user experience.
We help the company prioritize the upcoming features by aligning the features' road-map with the potential business opportunities, and by that we create a unified road map that has the right balance between operations and marketing, and to which all of the product's stake holders would want to commit to.
Finally, we turn this road map into an action plan, assisting the company in assessing the cost and time, it will take to implement the required plan successfully.

Due Diligence

The ‘Due Diligence’ service is designed for investors aiming to invest in the internet market and would like an extra opinion on the validity of a product and its business model and the way it is (or will be) technologically implemented.
As we have seen hundreds of Internet and mobile products along our career, personally participated in their development, and witnessed in first-hand their rise (DiskOnKey, Qumranet, Orca Interactive, Friendly Robotics, NetApp, Cyvera, and many others) or their fall, during which we acquired a unique insight on what works in our domain, both from the marketing point of view, and from the development sides. We bring these insights and experience, while performing the technological and business model ‘Due Diligence’ process.
During the process we meet with the entrepreneurs, look at their product and hear their offering. Then, we conduct a very open and direct discussion with them, regarding their technology, product and business model. Once we have enough information from them, we take it offline and do our own research, to validate what we heard, in terms of the technology, marketing and the competition.
Once we have enough information, we present our findings and recommendations over a meeting with the investor.

UX Mentoring

Some of our clients prefer having a stable in-house UX and brand design teams as part of their strategy and core competence, and since experienced talents are hard to find, they resort to recruiting young less experienced designers that show promise, and ask us to mentor and train them to become experts and leaders in their organizations.

By getting mentored by seasoned UX masters, the novice designers are getting familiar with industry standards, sharpened work processes and methodologies that we developed over the years, creative processes and software skills, deliver a series of tailor-made lectures to train the team on the go, etc. while the projects get done at a higher quality and in less time, with our guidance: We audit the work, provide insights to design and product challenges, teach design thinking strategies and tactics, critique design drafts, and assure that the design deliveries are at the highest level. We can also consult on design team structure planning, recruiting challenges, as well as long-term know-how maintenance challenges.

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