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UX Tip #5: What is a ‘Product UX Dissonance’, and how can we fix it?

As I promised to my newsletter community, I reveal my #1 secret for fixing product’s UX. I usually call it ‘Dissonance Resolution’ – I review the most basic conversion path within the product, and I challenge the product’s experience with simple, basic questions, e.g.:

  • What do I need to do in this screen?

  • If the target audience is the elderly, why does the design use such a small font?

  • Are all those questions really necessary in this purchase form?

  • Where is the ‘Buy’ button?

And so on… Wherever the UX fails (to give a good answer to a question), I suggest solutions, to turn the dissonances into consonances, to achieve a ‘Product Harmony’. It’s simple, intuitive, and it can be done on any product. Need some help in getting your product into shape?

Give us a call:

* Image is based on a real product, and is used under fair use rules. You can buy the real Harmony pills from here:

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