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We use UX Design Methodologies to improve digital products, by analyzing usersʼ behaviors, upgrading their work processes, and fine-tuning their business model 

Seth Godin's Famous Quote

We believe that only by asking the right questions, the users’ mental model is revealed, and the insights required to create successful products, will arrive. 

Our solutions arrive from empathy and deep understanding of the limitations of the users, the product’s technology, and its business model, in order to envision a new harmonic way for all of them to become one.

Through data, interviews, and our Expert Review methodology, we break down the users’ work flow into small human moments, rearrange them around our customers’ products, to create an alternate process, one that will be compelling to make the process of adopting it, not a challenge, but rather a unique, memorable, and even addictive, process; an alternative that stands out and is synergetic to our users’ lives, with the goal of becoming a second nature to them.

Sounds simple? It’s not. Most startups fail at the basic product/market fit. Others fail at the second stage, of optimizing their business model, and perfecting their UX, and need to compensate through advertising; making them vulnerable for newcomers that offer a better business model and a better UX — this enables those newcomers to bid & purchase users at higher prices, and eventually drive their competitors out of the market (this is why we believe that UX is strategic to online products and to companies' successes).

And it usually happens because of an unfocused design process, e.g.: Throwing ideas (without thinking them thoroughly), and going testing them on users, is not good design. It's like pressing <Run> on your computer, figuring that the computer will tell you what are the bugs in your code. The problem is that users are not a closed consistent system, and their behavior scenarios are complex (and dependent on many factors).

Good design comes from a deep understanding of your users’ motivations, by listening to them and developing real empathy to their feelings and experiences, setting the right goals, creative yet intelligent design experimentation, and only then testing them on users and learning from their responces. 

We teamed up with hundreds of high-tech customers over the years, helping them create successful products, winning prizes, as well as acknowledgements, along the years with them.

Over the past few years, 2CENTS helped leading software providers (like ClickSoftware, ThetaRay, Powtoon, NetApp, PaloAlto Networks, and others) reach their full potential by identifying & solving the problems in their existing products' UX.

We added new features to those products' UI and workflow without making the user experience cumbersome (but rather slicker and easier to use...), and devised new ways to make their users more efficient, happier with their experience, and convert better & faster from free to paying customers...

Do you need a master to crack your product’s UX?



One of 2CENTS’ unique selling points is that we offer you the master himself as your consultant, instead of a fresh-out-of-school apprentice designer.


Your product is integrated into your business, similarly to a brain to our body. At normal circumstances, you probably would not agree that an intern doctor will perform a brain surgery on you, and would seek the best professor for this task, so why not do the same for your product?

Go ahead and ask for the best and the most experienced ʽbrain surgeonʼ you can get for your product too...


Don’t delay that decision until it’s too late, and your product needs a ‘do over’… Good design can take about the same time it takes to do a bad design, so make your first MVP an MLP...


Remember: Even MVPs need good UX to provide valuable validation data...

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